At Linum Labs, we create meaningful change in health and identity.

As a global team of developers, entrepreneurs and change-makers, we are deeply passionate about guiding, teaching and motivating others to create a healthier society. At our core, we aim to build a decentralised future for all by bridging the gap between people and web3 technology.

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Blockchain for Health

We are creating healthier societies through blockchain solutions that address many of today’s problems in the pharmaceutical industry. Revolutionising the healthcare industry to be inclusive, transparent and open is at the heart of what we do.

Our growing team builds impactful relationships and leads the way through collaborations, workshops and events to implement the change we want to see. The cultivation of new ideas is a fundamental aspect of creating practical solutions for blockchain in health.

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Molecule is a software platform to accelerate innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. It connects scientists, patients and industry to advance drug development in a collaborative open market.

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Blockchain for Identity

We believe in the importance, value and potential of digital identity systems for a new world.

Being able to leverage existing self-sovereign identity solutions is fundamental to effectively challenge the status quo in a wide range of industries. As the cornerstone of a new decentralised infrastructure, blockchain for identity will radically change the current standards of digital transactions and information sharing.

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Swiss Federal Railway

Together with the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB), we successfully explored a blockchain solution in identity, which addresses the problems of certification for SBB employees who work on railway tracks.

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Blockchain for Community

As a people-centric organisation, we work towards a better future for all by focusing on blockchain for people.

We are fully committed to creating powerful and practical platforms that serve as the bedrock for collaboration to accelerate community growth and innovation. By embracing emerging technologies, we actively seek new ways of ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to learn and grow through our platforms and events.

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Protea is a decentralised solution that connects and unites the communities of tomorrow around a shared purpose.


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