Working at Linum Labs

Help us to build a decentralized future

Become a thinker, a developer and a change maker for the world

We are looking to expand our team with people who want to help us with developing our own blockchain products, train and consult large corporate clients, organize hackathons and host blockchain events across the globe.

We actively seek to draw in as a wide a range of applicants to our global community as a means of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn and imagine together better ways of organizing and communicating that which is valuable to the blockchain community and its benefactors. At Linum Labs we believe that we can further enormously the network effects of decentralized technologies through building and educating a diverse community capable of co-creating value and making it accessible to anyone. 

Available Positions

Why join the Linum Labs Team?

  • Great clients – engaging with a wide range of interesting and diverse clients from global fortune 500 corporations and governments to startups and non-profit organisations
  • Great rewards and competitive compensation structure
  • Flexible working hours and engagements
  • Work from anywhere – we work in a decentralized team, remotely, from all over the globe.
  • Paid travel opportunities across Europe, Africa and America
  • Become part of an incredible, experienced, decentralized and digital team
  • Join a network of entrepreneurs, experts and scientists

Want to be a blockchain ambassador in your city?

Linum Labs has a global blockchain ambassador volunteer program that positions you as an industry leader and enables you to be at the forefront of the decentralized technology in your city.

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