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Unlock The Block Hackathon

Exciting times lie ahead as we draw closer to our upcoming Blockchain Hackathon, taking place in January 2018. We have already received numerous applications from individuals located across the Globe. As entrepreneurs, this event enables you to uniquely position your... read more

Call for Interns

The blockchain industry is exciting, fast paced and perpetually evolving. Everyone who forms part of the space knows that once you enter, you need to be ready to fully immerse yourself into a whole new world of technology. We have some exciting news in that we are... read more

Top choices for crypto-wallets in South Africa:

Over the past couple of months, we have seen an influx of new members joining the blockchain space. Our Ethereum South Africa group has grown significantly with many of our members making key connections, asking relevant questions and sharing interesting articles and... read more

Ethereum Community in Berlin

Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are attracting a lot of attention globally. Today our focus is on the rapidly expanding popularity of the Crypto community in Berlin. Berlin is  a creative, design city which develops exciting ideas and sets new trends.... read more

Berlin Meetup with Future Females

We hosted a Meetup to launch the Berlin chapter of Future Females. The event was held at the innovative co-working hub, the Space Shack. The evening was one of inspiration, wine and celebration, to connect with and hear from successful female entrepreneurs. This was a... read more

Future Females Meetup Berlin

Linum Labs is hosting a Meetup in partnership with Future Females on The 28th September in Berlin. Join us for an evening of inspiration, wine and celebration, to connect with and hear from successful female entrepreneurs. What Is Future Females: It is a... read more

Meet The Team

Our Philosophy If you are an active member of the South African and European blockchain community, you will probably know one or more members of our team, but we would still like to take this opportunity formally to introduce ourselves. We do this in order to showcase... read more

Ethereum Meetup in Cape Town

Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum Last week, Linum Labs hosted an Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum Meetup in Cape Town. A big thank you to all of those who were able to join us at Barclays Rise in the Woodstock Exchange. This month’s Ethereum Meetup... read more

Friendly reminder: you might die tomorrow. Live life accordingly. All the bullshit we harbor towards each other mean absolutely nothing. Let go of your ego. Love unconditionally. "Ocean Protocol .. to facilitate data exchange as an enabler for AI applications." @OceanProtocol

The #ixoCountdown begins today! We’re counting down the 1️⃣7️⃣ #SDGs for the Holidays - be sure to follow along each day, learn more about each SDG, and retweet your favorites for a chance to win a special prize! 🌎🎄🎉🎁 #socimp #impinv #socent #socinv

Uhhh... about bitcoin... it's actually ruining the planet.

The bitcoin computer network currently uses as much electricity as Denmark. In 18 months, it will use as much as the entire United States.

Something's gotta give. This simply can’t continue.

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