Linum Labs is a Blockchain production studio with a focus on blockchain training, consulting and community aggregation. We strive to be at the forefront of Blockchain thought leadership and development in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe with our HQ located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

While being Blockchain agnostic in our development approach and utilizing both public, private and sidechain solutions, we specifically have strong capabilities with the Ethereum platform, with which we are also currently offering training to our corporate clients. Our training ranges from beginners Ethereum training through to enterprise development understanding for CEO’s and the more advanced technical training for developers.

Besides assisting corporate entities with Blockchain solutions and developing our own products, we host the Ethereum Meetups in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Prague and Dubai – as well as participate in hackathons, organize community- and industry specific events and engage with incubators and universities.

Ethereum and Blockchain Training

Linum Labs prides itself on world class training courses conducted by internationally accredited industry professionals. We provide high quality training that caters primarily to developers, executives and corporations. The courses are continuously reworked to keep up to date with the most relevant information in the fast paced industry. The courses are structured to create long lasting idea generation and equip participants with the knowledge and tools to explore their own individual interests regarding use cases and development on the Blockchain long after the training is over.

Ethereum Intro

1 day course for beginners

Full day all inclusive blockchain and ethereum training – everything you need to know from the ground up, equipping you with the skills and resources to further your knowledge by yourself.

Suited to: Individuals with limited or no prior knowledge of the subject.

Executive Training

2 day intensive course

Get equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to understand the blockchain and what it could mean for your business in the future. Tailored for high level industry experts.

Suited to: High level business executives, CEOs, managers, team leads

Developers Training

3 days training for developers

Learn to program on the blockchain and create Ethereum Smart Contracts in an intensive 3 day training course for developers with our great instructors. Coding experience is required.

Suited to: Software developers, systems architects, program managers

Enterprise Training

4 day corporate training

All your business needs – includes introduction to Ethereum and developer segments in the course while tailoring use cases to fit your business industry needs. Best suited to corporations.

Suited to: corporations and enterprises, company training groups, development teams

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Meet the Instructors

Devon Krantz

Paul Kohlhaas

Andrew Tudhope

Taylor Gerring

“Well presented course and Great Facilitators… Well done on a great course!”

– Paresh Daya (Head of CIB Enterprise Architecture and Execution at Standard Bank)

“An awesome session to know blockchain and Ethereum technologies. I feel more equipped and part of the emerging and exciting technologies. Well done Linum Labs great stuff!”

– Confidence Rufu (Solution Architect at Standard Bank)

“Great course. Learned a lot. Exceptional Trainers.”

– Sugendran Pillay (CIB Global Markets Solutions Architect – Standard Bank)

“Greatly encouraged to enable those that are keen to understand blockchain and Ethereum foundations”

– Santosh Komal (Head of Data Architecture at Standard Bank Group)

Community Partners and Previous Clients

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