Taking health and identity into a decentralized future.

Ecosystem Support

Community is a central element to the growth of blockchain technology. At Linum Labs, we empower community members to learn, grow and access resources through our large scale hackathons, meetups and coding tutorials.

Develop Blockchain Solutions

Open source development is our mantra. We work closely with our clients to build real-world applications, backed by years of experience in building blockchain solutions.

Advisory Services

A global network, ecosystem partners and a diverse team enable us to educate, advise and tailor solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Providing an end-to-end service that caters for any part of your blockchain journey.

What we can do for you

Blockchain in Pharma

We aim to create a healthier society through Blockchain Solutions that solve many of today’s problems in the pharmaceutical industry.

We strive to create partnerships through an alliance, enable collaboration through conferences, and build knowledge and awareness through education and skills development.

Blockchain in Identity

We believe in the importance and potential of Digital Identity Systems for a new world.

Having a provable identity is essential across all domains of business, peoples day-to-day, ensuring the right accesses, ownership, and accreditations.

We create frictionless digital identity solutions that challenge the status quo across a wide range of ecosystems.

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At Linum, we are building Molecule.

The Molecule protocol facilitates the decentralized funding and research of molecular patents, by distributing patent ownership and creating a transparent hub for patent research. By reducing risk for investors and patent creators, and crowdsourcing funding & research, Molecule is creating a more streamlined and inclusive pharmaceutical industry.

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At Linum, we are building Protea.

Protea is a decentralised solution that connects and unites communities. Built on the Ethereum protocol, Protea provides communities with incentivisation mechanisms, helping them to grow and flourish around a shared vision.

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Picking up where digital identity left off in Zug, Linum Labs helped the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) explore a blockchain solution in Identity using uPort and the Rinkeby testnet.

The solution addressed the certification for its employees that work on railway tracks, one of the biggest issues being railway inspectors having to manually record the inspection processes on paper which is time consuming and inefficient.

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Previous clients & affiliations

Linum Labs has been building world class solutions for enterprises and communities since 2016.

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