Linum Labs and ABL Skills Development Workshop

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Linum Labs will be hosting a blockchain workshop in partnership with the Aspiring Black Leaders (ABL) at Workshop17 in Cape Town. A full day all-inclusive training session where you will learn everything and anything you need to know about the blockchain. Topics covered will not only give you a good understanding of the blockchain and how it works but also discuss current and future applications and how they are being implemented to change the world, focusing specifically on Ethereum.

The training provides participants with a profound technical understanding of blockchain, cryptography and Ethereum, without requiring programming skills or prior knowledge of the blockchain. The course then dives into the practical (d)applications and use cases, the Ethereum community, cryptocurrency exchanges with practical examples where users interact with live smart contracts.

The course is continuously updated to provide the most relevant information about the fast paced industry and we ensure that all of our participants are equipped with the knowledge and the resources to further their research and education long after the course.


This workshop is aimed at anyone who has an interest in blockchain technology. Participants do not need to have any prior knowledge of blockchain but are welcome to bring along their laptops to take notes.


Linum Labs is working collaboratively with ABL to provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about blockchain technology and develop their skills.

We aim to foster innovation by building and educating a diverse community capable of co-creating value by making the relevant resources accessible for people to learn about new technologies such as blockchain.

We aim to provide community members with the right tools to further their development by empowering individuals with the know-how that enables our participants to fully immerse themselves into the world of blockchain and Ethereum.

By teaching the fundamental skills and knowledge at this workshop, community members have the chance to make a difference and the resources to further blockchain development in Africa.


Linum Labs is a Blockchain Production Studio located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Linum Labs focusses on three core pillars, which form the foundation of our company: Training, Community and Consultation — each of which play a vital role in the development of blockchain for the future.

The primary push of all our pillars is toward high-quality education for a wide range of people and organisations in order to create sustainable and capable communities who can use the technology for the benefit of all.


Aspiring Black Leaders (ABL) is an organisation that provides networking events, educational workshops and weekend bootcamps for aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs with the aim of increasing diversity in the entrepreneurial space. ABL’s mission is to foster the growth of successful black entrepreneurs and leaders first and foremost, locally and then globally.

Networking events are primarily focused on how members can better connect to other members in the community so that they can collaborate and/or do business together. ABL aims to attract influential people to these events, who have the ability to make a difference to community members by providing resources, advice and access to networks.

These educational workshops and weekend bootcamps are focused on providing the community quality educational content on new and interesting topics that can add value to their businesses or teach them a new skill.


Date: 21st April 2018

Time: 10h00–16h30

Venue: Workshop 17, The Watershed, V&A Waterfront, Dock Road, Cape Town

Food will be provided to participants.

We are offering an early bird discount. You can get your tickets here.