Executive Ethereum Training

We’ve got you covered – everything you need to know about Blockchain and Ethereum from the ground up.

A 2 day crash course in Ethereum and it’s practical implementations in business today.

This course will take you through the basics of how the Blockchain and Ethereum work while creating an in-depth understanding of what it’s currently being used for and what it could mean for technology in the future. We also deep dive into group discussion around current industry use cases, possible applications and what the steps would be for you to start a project or integrate blockchain into your current project.

Learning Modules for 2 Day Course

Day 1

Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum

Morning Session

Theory and Fundamentals

  • The Story of Money: a historical overview of the development of commerce and where it’s headed in the digital era.
  • Trust, value and the requirements of a currency in the modern age
  • Merkle trees, cryptographic hashes and consensus networks
  • Understanding Ethereum and what sets it apart
  • Activity – creation of user account on Ethereum and live transaction auditing

Afternoon Session

Practical Applications & Discussion

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine – so much more than just money
  • Smart contracts and live DApp demo with Ujo and Aragon
  • Overview of decentralized Applications and the DAO
  • Hardforks explained
  • Ethereum community and innovation mechanisms
  • Governance of decentralized networks: on-chain, off-chain or hybrid models?

Day 2

Ethereum Innovation and Strategy

Morning Session

Advanced Theory

  • Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake deep dive
  • Consensus algorithms more generally and study of Quorum as implemented by the MAS
  • Understanding Smart Contract security, best practices and current limitations
  • Public and private blockchain protocol landscape
  • Turing-completeness and its effect on scalability
  • Active research topics in the community currently (especially sharding and zero knowledge proofs)

Afternoon Session

Applications & Discussion

  • Understanding ICOs & Token Sales (especially models like the Interactive Coin Offering and DAICOs)
  • Activity – Tokenized business models (20mins)
  • Use cases and discussions
  • Activity – Analyzing current industry use cases (30mins)
  • Necessary criteria for blockchain in enterprise and overview of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance
  • Deploying Ethereum in an enterprise context
  • Activity – Participant idea development and questions (1 hour)

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New courses coming out in 2018


New courses coming out in 2018

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