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Calling all Ethereum Enthusiasts

Yesterday’s Ethereum Meetup in Berlin was one for the books! Our incredible line-up of speakers aided in the success of the event. As we say after each event, a big thank you goes out to all those who participated. Thank you to our incredible team for making this event possible. A big thank you to the Space Shack for providing us with a great location to work in. Thank you to the key speakers that were able to present and most importantly thank you to all those who attended.

Our aim with this is to provide you with what’s happening in the blockchain community. We want to inform you, to inspire you and to interest you. Above all, it is our aim to motivate you to get involved with this technology. Cue, our hosted Meetups. The aim of these Meetups is to provide an open platform for people to learn more about Ethereum & Blockchain, share ideas, talk about projects and meet key players within the industry. Due to the range of people and companies that take part in our Meetups, we often provide you with a brief background of information of who they are and what they do.

An Introduction to Ethereum and Blockchain

Firstly, we initiated a live stream on our Facebook page for those who were unable to attend. We sincerely attempt to make sharing knowledge easily accessible for all those interested in blockchain technology. To begin with the presentations, Devon Krantz of Linum Labs was the evenings MC and provided an introduction to the Ethereum Meetups and their role in active blockchain community development.

Following the introduction, Alexander Kohlhaas briefly presented on our training offerings and packages suited to each industry. Next up, was Paul Kohlhaas from uPort, ConsenSys and founder of Linum Labs, who presented on Digital Identity Management on the Blockchain. He is a blockchain architect, entrepreneur and community builder with experience in finance and trading. Paul introduced uPort and addressed the main problems that are currently being experienced by blockchains that the Polkadot Network is working to to solve.

Therefore, a special thanks go to Maria Paula Fernandez from Web3 Foundation who organized such informative speakers, Robert Habermeier and Genevieve Renoir who presented on the Polkadot Network.

More on our Blockchain Speakers

Robert Habermeier is the core developer at Parity Technologies who created Parity, a fully-featured and integrated Ethereum browser.

On the other hand, Genevieve Renoir is the COO of Web3 Foundation. For added insight, the Web3 Foundation is undertaking all responsibility to develop and deploy the Polkadot network. It is the first system of its kind that enables truly generic and trust-free inter-chain transacting. Another interesting fact is that the Polkadot network uses DOT tokens as a measure of stake within the network. It will act as a means of participation in the governance and direction of the overall system, as well as for payment for certain kinds of operations within the system.

Both, Genevieve and Robert addressed and elaborated on the very exciting Polkadot Network. Polkadot is a blockchain technology, classified as a heterogeneous multi-chain. The fact that it consists of many parachains with differing characteristics is what makes it unique as well as it’s addition of the “fisherman” role in the network. All activities and transactions are honest and transparent and incentivised by the network to be so.

Afterwards, as the presentations concluded, a Q&A was held with speakers and attendees and it provided a lot of insightful feedback and answers. The Q&As were insightful and interactive as the whole audience participated and discussed concepts that were presented on. As a result, the event ran smoothly and it was a great opportunity to meet with members of the blockchain community in Berlin.

What happens now?

At any rate, these Meetups are available for you to involve yourself with the community. The main point we would like to emphasize is that there is no need to worry about feeling overwhelmed. Our Meetups are for all levels of expertise and experience that ranges from beginners through to advanced individuals.

It’s important that we provide members of the community with an opportunity to learn more about this technology. Let’s face it. It is constantly expanding, so we are forever learning about its possibilities. We want to provide you with the right information, the right resources and the relevant members of the industry so that you can establish where this technology fits into your field. We consider it to be our duty to inform you of the capabilities that this technology provides.

Due to the high levels of enthusiasm from the blockchain community, we will be running Ethereum developer courses in Berlin. You can find out more here. Or if you would like to join the next Meetup in Berlin you can watch our Berlin Ethereum Meetup page.

Finally, if you would like to keep updated on the community in South Africa you can also follow the Ethereum South Africa Facebook group or drop us an email to find out more about Ethereum and Blockchain training in South Africa.


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