Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are attracting a lot of attention globally. Today our focus is on the rapidly expanding popularity of the Crypto community in Berlin.

Berlin is  a creative, design city which develops exciting ideas and sets new trends. With greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the community, Berlin has excellent growth potential with a vast network of interested members located in such an innovative hub.

The blockchain community serves as borderless community of entrepreneurs, experts and blockchain enthusiasts.

 The Blockchain and Ethereum community

First and foremost, we are here to show you the resources available for you to become a valuable member and contributor within the Ethereum community.

The Ethereum Community Forum, provides a platform with categories around topics related to the Ethereum ecosystem. This article provides a good basis of where to start when joining the online community. The great thing about this community is that it is all-inclusive. All levels are welcome from novices right through to experts. Ethereum, and the potential that this technology holds, is even gaining interest amongst students. A group of learners from the Technical University of Berlin (TU) have developed a chess game on the Ethereum blockchain. Their goal was to test Ethereum development tools and to identify any issues as their experiment progressed. Read more on their project here.

It is important to remember that being part of a community also means engaging in conversations. These platforms enable you to share information with like-minded individuals. They provide a space that works to benefit every member of the community where individuals can easily exchange ideas, technologies, projects and experiences.

Meetups in Berlin

So you may be asking, ‘How can I connect with the blockchain community specifically in Berlin?’

While there are many educational platforms surrounding Blockchain and Ethereum, there are also events on Crypto that allow you to gain first hand insight and experience. The best way to immerse yourself into the world of blockchain is to attend local Meetups.

Meetups are a community-based platform that bring together community members and key players in the industry. Meetups can take the form of presentations or more casual networking events. At our Meetups, we start with the fundamentals and gradually build on Ethereum knowledge block by block. We equip you with the basic tool kit in understanding Ethereum and blockchain technology.

  • If you are interested in joining one of our next ethereum Meetups in Berlin, be sure to follow our Berlin Meetup group.
  • You can also join our Berlin Facebook group to connect with community members and stay up to date with events, content, projects and ideas.
  • Join the Women in Blockchain Meetup group to keep posted on upcoming events for women interested in blockchain technology.

If you have additional questions or are interested in any of our European blockchain and ethereum training courses, please contact us here.

Together, we are taking the steps toward building a decentralized future.


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