KPMG Blockchain Meetup in Cape Town

By September 1, 2017 52 Comments

Introducing Blockchain into the Industry

Linum Labs and KPMG partnered up to host a Blockchain Meetup in Cape Town. The event was on a much bigger scale than our usual Meetups, which is always exciting. We aim to make these events as informative as possible, whilst simultaneously providing a basic approach for all to understand. As a result, we have found that these Meetups are the right platform to explain current blockchain news and events in a way that is effective and simple to follow. Although this particular event targeted professionals and business executives working in asset management and insurance, we aim to cater to all levels of experience, from beginners to experts.

Guests formed part of a variety of different industries that ranged from corporates and professionals to entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts. The topic of the evening centred around insurance and asset management on the blockchain. To begin with, our Head of Operations, Devon Krantz gave a brief introduction to the evening’s events. Devon also provided additional information on general insurance applications on the blockchain.

Blockchain and Asset Management

On the whole, Nevellan Moodley, the Senior Manager at KPMG South Africa, believes in all things fin-tech. His motto is to “embrace the disruption”. Nevellan briefly presented on the use cases and applications of blockchain within the asset management and insurance sectors. This topic may seem overwhelming but Nevellan delivered his presentation in such an informative way that was logical and easy to follow. During his presentation, Nevellan spoke about Etherisc, a flight delay decentralized insurance application using Ethereum. The Smart contract technology enables end-to-end automation of payments. It also allows efficient risk model estimation, and semi-automated claims processing, thus substantially lowering operating costs. It is so important to inform others about progressive applications such as this because people need to know what this technology is capable of. These benefits include greater access to customers, a range of investors and transparency.

Following the explanation of Etherisc, George Hallam, from Melonport joined our Meetup as an international guest speaker. George is the Head Of Business Development at Melonport. Melonport is a blockchain software that enables participants to set up, manage and invest in digital asset management strategies in a way that reduces barriers to entry. George dialled into the event and presented on his company including all that it hopes to achieve.

The list of influential community members did not stop there. One of KPMG’s representatives, Kevin Hoff, flew from Johannesburg to join us. Kevin is also a director in KPMG’s Financial Services business unit and co-leads the Financial Engineering Group (FEG) at KPMG. Above all, we found it especially rewarding to have such a well-respected member at the community attend our event. Though this technology is seen as fairly new, people are now becoming aware of the importance and benefits that this technology yields.

Stay tuned to the Blockchain

To sum up, we are constantly trying to implement more Meetups to inform you about what’s going on in the blockchain community. No two events are the same. Our goal is to partner up with companies and involve key speakers to elaborate on the projects in the industry. We encourage you to join our next event because you might just uncover your true passion, a love for blockchain.

If you are interested in joining one of our Cape Town events, please keep an eye on our Meetup group here.

To keep updated on the community in South Africa you can also follow the Ethereum South Africa Facebook group or drop us an email to find out more about Ethereum and Blockchain training in South Africa.








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