Ethereum Meetup in Cape Town

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Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum

Last week, Linum Labs hosted an Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum Meetup in Cape Town. A big thank you to all of those who were able to join us at Barclays Rise in the Woodstock Exchange. This month’s Ethereum Meetup focused on existing blockchain and Ethereum use-cases and projects. The event was suitable for beginners and those with a more advanced understanding of Ethereum.

It was extremely exciting to see presentations that took on more of a social development role using blockchain technology. The speakers really intrigued the crowd with their projects aimed at uplifting the community. What we need to realise is that blockchain technology is more than just a means for transferring finances. Blockchain is fast becoming the fundamental platform for change.

Blockchain and The Sun Exchange

To begin with our Lead Architect at Linum Labs, Andrew Tudhope, gave a brief introduction to blockchain and Ethereum. Andrew has developed innovative Meetup tokens on Ethereum for Linum that anyone can get when they attend our Meetups

Following the introduction, Abraham Cambridge from The Sun Exchange dialled into the Meetup. For those of you who don’t know, Abe is a solar entrepreneur and founder of the Sun Exchange. His company is a crowd-sale market place where you can buy and then lease on solar assets to commercial scale solar energy projects around the globe. The project enables anyone at any location to earn a passive income from solar powering the developing world.

The Sun Exchange is starting off in South Africa because of the amount of sunshine and ever-increasing demand for electricity. The company uses blockchain technology, which means that all projects are secure and transparent. The way in which this works is that an individual then buys solar cells and leases them to industries in developing nations. The company then arranges a monthly lease rental collection and distribution. The Sun Exchange states that its business model is an effortless source of sustainable income.

To think that we can use blockchain technology to promote and integrate a sustainable way of living is a monumental step in creating change for a better way of life. It is clear that we need to start accepting and start using advanced technologies to benefit those who need it most. We need to uplift and stabilize the grassroots of the community to stimulate overall growth potential and development.

Blockchain and The IXO Foundation

That brings us to our next speakers, Anne Connelly and Cedric Franz, from the IXO Foundation. Many of you may have heard of Project Amply which strives to revolutionize early childhood development in Africa. The IXO Foundation is a breakaway from Project Amply that aims to be bigger and better at doing good. The foundation aims to uplift developing countries across the board and covers health care, remittances and school attendance to name a few to give those who need it most, a digital identity.

Anne’s passion is focussed on blockchain and harnessing the potential of decentralized technology to transform lives. On the other hand, Cedric has an intense enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Ethereum and smart contract capabilities are his main interest.

It is the passion behind the individuals of each project that is the driving force in implementing change. Without the hard-work and dedication of another person’s initiative, platforms such as these may not exist. We need to become aware of the possibilities in which blockchain can change things for the better.

It was such a pleasure hosting an epic line-up of speakers. We are so in awe of all that you do for the blockchain community. Again, thank you.

 Stay Connected

Finally, the success of the evening motivates us to create more opportunities for everyone to get together and see what’s happening in the blockchain community.

Meetups create an opportunity to interact with like-minded people, network with relevant community members and get the chance to meet a few of the industry’s experts. We did live stream the event because not everyone was able to join us.You can find that video here.

If you are interested in joining one of our Cape Town events, please keep an eye on our Meetup group here. Our next Cape Town Meetup is on the 4th October.

To keep updated on the community in South Africa you can also follow the Ethereum South Africa Facebook group or drop us an email to find out more about Ethereum and Blockchain training in South Africa.


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