Berlin Meetup with Future Females

By October 2, 2017 179 Comments

We hosted a Meetup to launch the Berlin chapter of Future Females. The event was held at the innovative co-working hub, the Space Shack. The evening was one of inspiration, wine and celebration, to connect with and hear from successful female entrepreneurs.

This was a free event and open to everyone, females and female-lovers alike. The evening was full of energy and excitement and was met with positivity and support from all those who joined. Thanks to our speakers and to all those who were able to attend the event.

Why host this Meetup?

Future Females is a platform that connects, inspires and supports existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs. The problem is that:

  • Female entrepreneurs received just 2.5% of VC funding globally, in 2016.
  • Female-led companies delivered 63% better returns than male-led only.
  • Globally, women own just 1% of the world’s wealth.

These are just some of the statistics that highlight the problems that women experience. The Berlin Meetup is a platform to spread awareness on the major disparity that females face within the workplace. It is a platform for women to come together, to share ideas and to empower one another. Speakers presented on their personal entrepreneurial journey and how gender inequality played a role in their respective industries.

Mind the Gap presented on finance and wealth surrounding the gender divide gap with salaries and investments. The organisation spreads awareness on gender inequality. One’s values, motivations and actions are key in stimulating change by bridging the gap and empowering women.

Our second speaker of the evening, Farina Schurzfeld, is the co-founder of Selfapy, an online therapy platform for mental health illnesses. Previously, she was part of Groupon Australia’s founding team, general manager of Airtasker and co-founder of largest co-working space in Sydney. Forbes magazine has recently awarded Farina as the top 30 under 30.

Our final speaker of the evening, Daria Markova, is improving the quality of the startup scene in Berlin. She is a co-founder of the Space Shack, a fast growing co-working space in Berlin that supports startups and tech experts. Daria is also a lecturer, course organiser at TU Berlin and a startup evaluator and speaker.

Future Meetups:

After the presentations, guests were able to have wine, interact with the speakers and share their ideas with like-minded community members.

Some things that we need to remember: finance and entrepreneurship does not need to be something that excludes women. Improving access to finance is at the centre of improving gender equality and increasing the economic freedoms and opportunities that women are exposed to. We believe that the best way to do that is to invest in women. Our next Future Female Meetup will be happening on the 9th November in Berlin. More details to follow.

If you are keen to keep posted on upcoming events for women interested in blockchain technology, join the Women in Blockchain Meetup group.

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