About Linum Labs

“We are a decentralized team of diverse individuals with a mutual goal to build impactful solutions through technology”.

Who we are

Linum Labs is a global team of developers, entrepreneurs and change-makers passionate about empowering people through building decentralized systems and solutions to create real world impact and a healthier society.

Founded in early 2016, Linum Labs strives to be at the forefront of Web3 thought leadership and software development in Africa and Europe. With headquarters based in Switzerland and offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Berlin, Linum is able to serve a multitude of geographies. Focusing on the synergy between health and identity, with a people-centric approach, we aim to unlock new opportunities and improve upon existing systems. We believe that our communities are the builders, contributors, and users of blockchain solutions, and thus form a fundamental part of the decentralized future that we are building.

By building our own in-house blockchain solutions, with years of experience collaborating on a number of large-scale projects, we have a strong foundation of hands-on experience and thought-leadership to build solutions that matter.

Our global reach enables our partners to benefit from our extensive network of technology partners, cryptographers, innovators, protocol developers, and corporates.

Commitment to collaboration, education and growing the global blockchain community has expanded through South Africa, Berlin, Cairo; Lagos; Nairobi; and 9 other countries. We actively seek a means of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn through our platforms and events by embracing emerging technologies to build a decentralized future, together.

Our Team

Paul Kohlhaas


Paul is a blockchain entrepreneur from Switzerland with a background in venture capital and strategy. He’s the founder of Linum Labs a blockchain advisory, focusing on building decentralized applications and digital assets and hosts the Cape Town and Johannesburg Ethereum meetups. Prior to dedicating his career to scaling blockchain applications he worked at a capital market advisory in South East Asia, a PE fund in Johannesburg and graduated from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland.

Devon Krantz

Managing Director

Devon has always found interest in exploring new technologies with a focus on blockchain and digital innovation in Africa, which she further developed while studying a B.Com at the University of Cape Town. Devon organizes all of the business processes and relationships in Linum for training and consulting as well as Ethereum meetups and courses globally. Her aim is to guide the positive development of the blockchain community by providing readily available access to resources and networking.

Oz Razak

Enterprise Lead

Oz is the Enterprise Lead at Linum Labs - heading up all larger corporate engagements and partnerships with clients. He has specialised in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) and Energy industries, covering a number of projects including M&A, strategy, innovation and business development. Oz has a background in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with travelling experience throughout the US, Europe and parts of Asia.

Megan Doyle

Marketing & Community

Megan has a passion for social media management, strategy and brand awareness with a direct focus on developing relevant content topics that interest and inform the blockchain community. Megan has a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Brand Building and Management from Vega, in Cape Town. Her aim is to create quality content that generates awareness whilst being informative by contributing to, measuring and guiding the social media and online presence of the Linum Labs brand.

Kent Fourie

Full-Stack Developer

Kent is a Full-Stack Systems Engineer. He has worked on a wide breadth of enterprise systems ranging from logistics in Trucking, Fuel and Stock management, Business Intelligence, E-commerce, CMS and Internal Administrative Systems, Medical and Digital Marketing. As an advocate for structured process, Kent believes in Agile principles and constant process improvement, with a focus on developer skill-sharing. Kent believes that blockchain technology has the power to correct many of the antiquated and broken systems currently existing in society.

Ryan Noble


Ryan is a Full-stack node developer who found a passion for blockchain as a tool for creating sophisticated systems. Starting out with a Bachelor of Science; Computer Systems and progressing on through the world of web development, a desire to create beneficial and refined systems has lead him to blockchain and by introduction, Linum Labs.

Karren Fikile Zenzo

Community Manager

Karren is the Community Manager at Linum Labs. She is passionate about economic development in Africa and holds a Double Major Degree in International Relations and Business Management from Monash University South Africa. She has experience in radio, television and events and seeks to bring change in Africa by bringing together blockchain communities across Africa and giving them a platform to collaborate, learn and grow themselves through informative and fun engagements.

Carla Van Jaarsveld

Operations Manager

Carla is passionate about emerging technologies and different applications of blockchain. Carla has a background in Business Science majoring in finance with accounting at the University of Cape Town. As operational manager, Carla is fully integrated in all of the business operations and departments and aims to facilitate all operations effectively.

Wayne Van Niekerk

Community Manager

Wayne is a business-minded creative, who first took an interest in Blockchain during the cryptocurrency hype of late 2017. After completing his BCom in Information Systems at UCT, Wayne freelanced in content creation all over the world and is now looking to use his passion for people and innovation to bring about change using Blockchain technology.

Ben Scholtz


Ben completed a BSc Honours in Mechatronics Engineering and specialized in bio-inspired robotics and control. Drawing from the theory of control systems engineering, he has a knack for understanding and developing software systems.
Ben found his feet as a full-stack developer and product owner in the startup space - from social media applications and conversational bots, to the new generation of podcasts.
It was here that he found a love for exploring the boundaries of real world software applications - which has led to him developing the future of distributed Web3 applications, with Linum Labs.

Florian Bühringer

Product Manager

Born in Bavaria, Florian moved to Cape Town, SA close to a decade ago. He is an entrepreneur at the core, and is excited by the potential of Web3 technologies to completely reimagine existing economies and ecosystems in close to limitless ways. Florian previously worked with startups in the fintech and aviationtech space. At Linum he leads product, predominantly focusing on the strategic creation and execution of decentralised applications. He holds a BsSci majoring in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town.

Michael Yankelev

Senior Blockchain Developer

Michael is a full-stack software engineer with a passion for producing maintainable and extensible software solutions to alleviate problems and increase efficiency. Michael has over 10 years experience in designing, developing, testing, supporting and maintaining systems in the banking, insurance, sports betting and commodities trading industries. Michael is a firm believer in the power of web3 technologies to reshape the way we do business, communicate and solve the problems of the world.

Veronica Coutts

Blockchain Developer

Veronica is a skilled blockchain developer with a passion for communication and helping others. She has experience in the finance industry, having previously worked as a backend developer at the largest inter-bank settlement house in South Africa. She also worked on the systems used to run pre-paid electricity meters in South Africa. Veronica sees blockchain as the technology that empowers people for the first time to challenge the power structures that define our society at a protocol level. She is excited to grow as this space matures and hopes to make a real world difference by leveraging blockchain technology.

Michal Shachman

Graphic Designer

Michal has a background in Fine Art and Tech, having studied her Master’s degree in Digital Art and being involved in the Tech start-up arena since 2016. Over the past 7 years, not only has she gained experience in digital multimedia design but also developed a strong interest in visual communications for brand promotion and story-telling. At Linum she creates content that capitalises on the marriage of creative strategy with creative production in a constantly ever-changing digital world.

Andrew Tudhope


Andy got interested in cryptocurrencies while completing his Masters degree in English Literature through St Cross College at the University of Oxford. He approaches decentralized networks with a deep focus both on how language can be used to program incentives into the application layer by utilising the underlying cryptographic properties of the available protocols, as well as how this kind of programming can affect the social and political dimensions of our lives.

Open Positions

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager will be acting as a first point of contact to the company, becoming fully integrated in all of the business operations and departments, primarily engaging with company executives.

Dealing with correspondence and phone calls.
Managing diaries and calendars
Organising meetings and appointments
Controlling access to the manager/executive
Booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation
Organising events and conferences
Company admin, printing, filing and sending documents
Issuing invoices and quotes to clients
Collecting receipts and assisting in bookkeeping
Running errands for the company

Attention to detail is incredibly important
Familiar with the entire Google Suite
Diligent and capable of working independently
Organized and capable
Able to figure shit out, competent
Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written
Friendly and enthusiastic demeanor
Strong social skills
Capable of working in a team and working remotely
Interested in emerging and disruptive technology
Technologically competent and familiar with online tools
Matric degree
Has own laptop and stable wifi connection

Preferred but optional
Previous experience as a PA
Passionate about Blockchain technology

Social Media Manager

As a Social Media / Marketing Junior your main role will be to create, manage and improve the overall quality and efficiency of social media marketing at Linum Labs. You will have strategic involvement in aspects of the social media, marketing and communications roadmap. You are responsible for creating and executing the copy across all of our online platforms and for developing further written content in line with project requirements. Social media marketing will include building brand awareness, creating engaging content and constructing reports based on marketing efforts.

Development of brand awareness and online reputation
SEO and generation of inbound traffic
Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original and high-quality content
Develop relevant content topics to reach the company’s target audience
Create, curate and manage all published content (images, video and written)
Monitor, listen and respond to online users while cultivating leads
Analyse and report on key metrics and improve strategy as needed
Assist in developing and implementing marketing campaigns
Build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, messaging and audience identification
Generate, edit, publish and share daily content that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action
Create editorial calendars and syndication schedules
Collaborate with other team members to manage reputation, identify key players and coordinate actions

Recent graduate with a Brand, Marketing or Communications degree
Demonstrable skills in social media management, advertising, copywriting, marketing and online reporting
Maintains a working knowledge of SEO principles including keyword research and Google Analytics
Proficient in content marketing and application
Experience in sourcing and curating online content
Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.) and best practices for each platform
Excellent communication skills (written & verbal)

Other important attributes
Required to have your own laptop
A passion for blockchain
Ability to work remotely
Interest in emerging technologies and the tech industry

Senior Blockchain Developer

Linum Labs is looking for senior blockchain developers to join our team as we grow our research & development department, where developers work on building decentralized products for a global client base and blockchain community as well as our in house projects.

The successful candidate will be a driven, disciplined developer with excellent communication skills, is experienced in open source development as well as having past experience in smart contract development. Protocol development experience would be beneficial.

Job Description
As a senior developer, you will be required to take integral roles in the creation and execution of our upcoming products as well as potentially take a leading role on individual products.
In addition to this you will play an active role in researching developing tech in the blockchain space.
You should have a high energy, service-oriented, friendly, professional disposition. Your role as a developer at Linum Labs will require both engagement with the blockchain & Ethereum community, as well as being an active voice within the team.
You will be able to self manage tasks, expectations and schedules in a remote environment.
This job is all about building decentralized and secure products so that ordinary people can use Ethereum on a day-to-day basis and gain real value from doing so.
Utilizing Solidity to create a system of smart contracts to integrate into existing infrastructure for example access control systems, point of sales systems etc.
Work with a team of developers to produce both the backend smart contract system as well as the front end integration for a seamless user experience.

Familiar with Javascript (ES6 preferably), NodeJS, and other basic web technologies. Familiarity with frameworks like Truffle is even better. Must understand smart contracts written in Solidity.
Familiar with object-orientated languages like C, C++, C#. Experience with Java, Python or LLL also acceptable here.
Experienced in open source development, preferably on blockchain related projects.
Familiar with web app frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue.
A degree in computer science, information systems, engineering or other relevant subject.
Experience working with blockchain technology, decentralized systems and public-private key infrastructure.
Must have excellent verbal and written skills, being able to communicate effectively on both a technical and business level to a diverse, mostly remote team.
Ability to understand complex technical concepts and explain them to non-technical trainees.
Flexible – ability to adapt to changing markets, customers and company.
Demonstrated ability to manage a high volume of activities with varying priorities.
Can perform day-to-day work, and new and/or complex assignments with minimal supervision.
Passion and enthusiasm for blockchain and the decentralization of services.

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