About Linum Labs

Since 2009, it has been possible to store money nowhere else but in your mind, travel wherever you want, input twelve magical words into a machine in a specific order and access that information yourself without needing to trust any institution. Of course, not many people use cryptocurrencies in such a radically subversive way, but it illustrates the principle that decentralized protocols enact: money (and, in fact, all value) is indistinguishable from language.

Looking through this lense, the question of how we can use language to generate value in constructive and equitable ways has never been more timely or important. It is a question which has fundamentally to do with the community of people who underwrite how language gets used. They do this by enacting a shared story which invests words with certain meanings so as to generate a consensual view of reality, otherwise called culture.

In other words, the communities we build enable certain kinds of speech, and therefore certain kinds of value and its resultant distribution (meant quite literally, post-2009). We can also direct the kinds of value we want to see in the world through education – i.e. the retelling and modification of the stories which make up our culture.

Vision and Mission

At Linum Labs our thesis is therefore simple: we can further enormously the network effects of decentralized technologies like Ethereum and Bitcoin through building and educating a diverse community capable of co-creating value and making it accessible to anyone who chooses to take part.

In a practical sense, this means engaging with any and all who are interested – from formal, four day corporate and executive training with large corporate clients, to organising hackathons for universities and enterprises, and hosting meetups and panel discussions in Cape Town and Johannesburg .

We actively seek to draw in as a wide a range of participants to all our events as a means of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn and imagine together better ways of organising and communicating that which is valuable to the blockchain community and its benefactors.

We have begun an amazing journey into the future of value, and we invite you to join us.

Training | Community | Consulting

Linum Labs centers its focus on 3 primary pillars that form the foundation of our company, Training, Community and Consulting – each of which play a vital role in the development of blockchain for the future.

Our training takes a deep dive through the concepts that underpin cryptocurrencies and how they all fit together, and then goes over – in detail – all the technical aspects of developing on Ethereum specifically and the enterprise versions now available. We cover everything needed to use the public network, set up networks of your own, develop and issue your own tokens and smart contracts, as well as build a frontend from which to interact with your contracts and assets. We also cover, in depth, how to develop on Quorum and use the improved privacy and performance features that such enterprise specifications offer.


Our meetups encourage more casual, non-technical and bigger-picture discussions of topics directly and indirectly related to the advent of cryptocurrencies. We believe that it is self-evident that we generate more value through growing a peer-to-peer network than by accumulating the tokens that are used to incentivise validation of that network. In order to do this, though, we need to create spaces where we are forced to translate the technical and cryptographic magic behind these technologies into tangible benefits for people in the world. Our meetups are two small instances of many such spaces springing up across the globe.

Our hackathons are intended to connect a diverse array of students, developers, enterprise players, entrepreneurs and artists working on as wide a range of projects as possible, in order to encourage the sort of cross-disciplinary environment which led to the development of cryptocurrencies in the first place. If we are to use decentralized tools that erase even the practical distinction between value and language, we require collaboration between people with very different skills set – from cryptographers, to engineers and software developers; designers; economists; community leaders; suits; teachers; writers; readers; mathematicians; marketing, business development, and strategy specialists. And it requires musicians and poets and sculptors and painters and artists of every stripe too, for these are the people with the longest and deepest training in choosing ways to express themselves that create sincere, meaningful, and lasting value within any culture.

Our Team

Paul Kohlhaas

Managing Director

Paul is a blockchain entrepreneur from Switzerland with a background in venture capital and strategy. He’s the founder of Linum Labs a blockchain advisory, focusing on building decentralized applications and digital assets and hosts the Cape Town and Johannesburg Ethereum meetups. Prior to dedicating his career to scaling blockchain applications he worked at a capital market advisory in South East Asia, a PE fund in Johannesburg and graduated from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland.

Devon Krantz

Head of Operations

Devon has always found interest in exploring new technologies with a focus on blockchain and digital innovation in Africa, which she further developed while studying a B.Com at the University of Cape Town. Devon organizes all of the business processes and relationships in Linum for training and consulting as well as Ethereum meetups and courses globally. Her aim is to guide the positive development of the blockchain community by providing readily available access to resources and networking.

Andrew Tudhope

Lead Architect

Andy got interested in cryptocurrencies while completing his Masters degree in English Literature through St Cross College at the University of Oxford. He approaches decentralized networks with a deep focus both on how language can be used to program incentives into the application layer by utilising the underlying cryptographic properties of the available protocols, as well as how this kind of programming can affect the social and political dimensions of our lives.

Megan Doyle

Marketing & Community

Megan has a passion for social media management, strategy and brand awareness with a direct focus on developing relevant content topics that interest and inform the blockchain community. Megan has a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Brand Building and Management from Vega, in Cape Town. Her aim is to create quality content that generates awareness whilst being informative by contributing to, measuring and guiding the social media and online presence of the Linum Labs brand.

Ryan Noble


Ryan is a Full-stack node developer who found a passion for blockchain as a tool for creating sophisticated systems. Starting out with a Bachelor of Science; Computer Systems and progressing on through the world of web development, a desire to create beneficial and refined systems has lead him to blockchain and by introduction, Linum Labs.

Alexander Kohlhaas

German Operations

Alexander was an early adopter of web, eager to further the spread of the next wave of technological evolution. Alex holds a degree in Sociology from Kent University and has worked in web-development and B2B Marketing with a focus on fields of public infrastructure, higher education and medical manufacturing. Besides curiosity in technological disruption, Alex's long term interests lie in the positive application of blockchain technology in political and social realm to create a more creative participatory society to live in.
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