New kid on the Blockchain?

We’ve got you covered – everything you need to know about Blockchain and Ethereum from the ground up.

Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum

A full day all inclusive training session of everything and anything you need to know about the blockchain. Topics covered will not only give you a good understanding of the blockchain and how it works but also discuss current and future applications and how they are being implemented to change the world. The course is continuously updated to provide the most relevant information about the fast paced industry and we ensure that all of our students are equipped with the knowledge and the resources to further their research and education long after the course.

Learning Modules for full day course:

Morning Session (Theory and Fundamentals)

  • Blockchain Overview and Fundamentals
  • Merkle trees, cryptographic hashes and consensus networks
  • Understanding Ethereum
    • Activity – creation of user account on Ethereum and live transaction auditing (15mins)
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Cryptocurrency, Mining, Wallets, security, exchanges and investing
    • Activity – buying and transacting with cryptocurrency (15mins)

Afternoon Session (Practical Applications and Discussion)

  • Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake
  • Overview of decentralized Applications and the DAO
  • Hardforks explained
  • Ethereum community and innovation mechanisms
  • Use cases and practical Implementations
    • Activity: Discussion around participant ideas and development (1 hour)

Course materials will be provided along with access to the Linum Labs Alumni Community. Additionally all students will be provided with certificates of completion on the blockchain.

*Terms and conditions apply – a minimum of 10 people per course with discounts being offered to groups of 18 or more.

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