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Blockchain community development in Africa and Europe through hackathons and meetups

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The Blockchain Community

Linum Labs functions through it’s three core pillars – training, consulting and community building. We value the Community pillar to be one of our most important and crucial to our business and to the success of blockchain technology globally. Which is why we dedicate so much of our time and resources into developing the blockchain community in Europe and Africa through hosting regular monthly Meet up events and hackathons. The technology, in the case of blockchain, is only as strong as it’s community, and we would love for you to join us in growing this incredible decentralized future together.

Ethereum Meetups


Linum Labs currently hosts over 15 Ethereum Meetups in 13 countries globally.

The meetups provide an open platform for interested individuals to discuss ideas and projects, ask questions, network with industry experts and meet other interested members of the community.

The community has been growing rapidly in the past 2 years – if you are interested in getting involved as either a speaker, sponsor or in simply joining the next event, you can drop us an email via the contact form below or find out more details in the meetup group of your city.


Blockchain Hackathons


Hackathons are larger scale events dedicated towards human capital development for the blockchain industry as a whole. Linum Labs are committed to helping the community grow and strengthen the skills required to see it’s successful growth – a large part of this is providing access to resources that enable this growth and encourage individuals to pursue careers in the promising and dynamic field.

Our next Hackathon is in collaboration with the University of Cape Town – if you’re interested in finding out more see the page through the link below.


Online Communities and Initiatives


The community is at our heart, without it we wouldn’t be able to function. Linum Labs takes active steps to keep this industry as dynamic, engaged and active as is possible through initiating great projects with even greater partners and providing resources to anyone who needs them.

Women in Blockchain – A community initiative to increase the number of woman interested and engaged with blockchain technology.

Ethereum South Africa – Open platform on Facebook for Ethereum discussion and questions.

Linum Labs YouTube – Watch the latest presentations and live streams from our events


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